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Here are solutions to possible problems you may encounter whilst browsing or shopping online. If you have any other queries, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

I would like to order but I'm not a retailer.... We're sorry but currently our shopping basket facility is for trade customers only. If you let us know your postcode we can advise you where your nearest retailer is, or please contact us if you want to place an order with us directly please visit .

I would like to view the prices of your products... In order to see our trade prices on-line you will need create an account first. We will check that you are an existing customer or that you have the necessary credentials to open a business account with us. Alternatively, just call us on 01626 369269.

How do I pay if I am an existing customer? If you have an existing credit account with us, you may choose the On Account option. Confirm your order, and we will invoice you as usual.

How do I pay if I am a new customer? If you are a new customer, first order is pro-forma so you will need to pay online using the credit/debit card option or send us a cheque/ pay by bacs. To get a thirty days credit facility for future orders, you will need to fill out a Credit Account Application Form.

I would prefer not to order online, but still want to purchase your products... You can email or phone through your order on 01626 369269. 

Why is the computer adding quantities in units of 1? Our cards are packed in 6's. 6 cards = 1 unit.

I am having technical difficulties... If your computer is running slowly or 'hangs', one of your applications may be using up all the memory. Try closing all your applications and rebooting the computer. If possible, have less windows open. If you are experiencing continuous difficulties and think that your computer's problem is with this site alone, let us know.

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